Introduction about Baptist Aid-BBCF

Baptist Aid-BBCF is the aid and development arm of Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship (BBCF), the largest Protestant denomination in Bangladesh. The key focus of Baptist Aid-BBCF is child development, genuine poverty alleviation, leading to sustainable livelihoods, and personal and community well-being: “giving life in all its fullness”. The development projects and programs of this organization are motivated by the Christian Values. Being a development organization, it works for the well-being of all people, especially children and women. Baptist Aid-BBCF has been providing support to poor and distressed people since its beginning. It has multi-disciplinary activities, like emergency relief and rehabilitation support, adult- and child-education, primary health-care, economic development, promotion of justice, human rights and gender equality, improvement of social and spiritual values and development of environment. The main focus of Baptist Aid-BBCF is to develop the children by providing education and establishing child rights. Children of poor families have little access to enjoy their lives and to participate in social events. The social rights of these children have been ignored by community people. Baptist Aid-BBCF has been trying to educate the ignored children and to establish their rights through its ‘Child Friendly Community Development Project (CFCDP)’. CFCDP is mainly designed to focus on child-centered community development and capacity-building approaches. Baptist Aid-BBCF-BBCF believes that a community thrives when the children of the community are fed, sheltered, educated, protected, valued, and loved. Apart from the need of children, Baptist Aid-BBCF-BBCF is also trying to develop the socioeconomic situation of poor families in its working areas. It has been involved in eradicating poverty, developing livelihood, improving health situation, creating awareness on environmental issues, justice, rights and capacity building of poor women.