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Love Makes Power

"I believe that this result's credit goes not only to me, but also to my guardian and teachers because of their loving care and cordial involvement." I am Promi Mazumder (12) from Adolescent Group. I was a pre-school & child tutorial student of CTCDC project. I am so happy that successfully I passed Junior Primary public exam 2019 and obtained GPA 5 out of 5. I am very grateful to all of my teachers who always encouraged and supported me. I was admitted to the TCDC VEP pre-school as a Nursery student in January 2013. After completion of my pre-school I joined VEP tutorial class. I was so lucky to be a student of this school because my family has no ability to provide extra money for coaching or tuition fees. Their teaching method, cordial mentality and loving care make a good students as well as human. I never forgot their contribution to get this good result in my life. Now I have joined the Adolescent Group of VEP and we are learning child rights and reproductive health issues through this group which is very important for our personal life. I loved all their activities. My mother is a regular member of SHG. I want to be a doctor to serve my community and country. Please pray for me. I am so grateful to the Village Education Program and praying for their all kinds of programs and supporters and praying for their all kind of programs and supporters.