Case Study
Go Forward

This is Eti Rani Roy 12 years daughter of Dijen Roy & Dipali Roy. She is a Person with Disable by born. Her problem is left hand & left leg. When she was 5yrs her parents tried to admit her in BRAC School. But they were reject her and next her parents has come to admitted her in ICDPNB pre-school and Eti successfully passed Pre-school and she admitted local government school now she is studying class five. She is a good student. She joined again with us in 2016 as a member of Child Club. Last year she selected as a general member of CC. She is playing a good role during street drama as a disable people in drama character. She actively participate all kind of program. She likes very much song and can play. Last year ICDPNB organized a “Children Fair” and she joined an Art and Sing competition and obtained 00 place in loves natural scenario. And so she have a small garden and she care it. After join of CC she planted 10 tree for her family. She have a helpful mind for same people.   Frist photo is Eti Rani is taking gift from local government for and second photo is she observing Child Rights day with others CC members.