A Small Entrepreneur

I am Sowrab sheikh (15) from Ahalladipur Adolescent Group. I am role playing as a secretary of my group. My father is working a private job and earning small amount which is not sufficient for our five members’ family. We are three siblings all are studying in College and high school level. So it is too hard to maintain our family with small income. As I am a member of AG I talked with our facilitator that what I can do for my family he suggested me now you school is closed for pandemic situation so you can think what do you like and what is possible to you. And that was last 9 months back discussion now I am working last seven months. I was think one month and one day I visited a small factory with our facilitator (CDO). At last I inspired to visit the factory of Shopping bag. I like this work because of need small investment. I talked with my parents and they support my proposal and so my mother took BDT 6000 from her SHG to purchase a sewing machine. My father invested BDT 2500 for raw materials. Daily I can make 90-100 pieces of shopping bag and can sell all. One piece of bag wholesale rate is BDT 4. Now my monthly profit is 4500. Sometimes my elder brother helps me to make shopping bag. I the beginning time I can’t make much bag. My plan is when my school will be start I will do it partially and if possible I will appoint a worker. Please pray for me as I can expand my small business and make way for others income source. I am so glad to RF-ICDP project because of their suggestion & support encourage to me always. They did not push me just said think yourself what can do you. I pray for this project and supporter.