Core Values of Baptist Aid-BBCF

Baptist Aid-BBCF believes in moral and ethical values demonstrated by:

  1. Justice – for the poor and the marginalized, assisting them to rise above their poverty with a sense of dignity and self-respect, while challenging the non- poor to share their lives and resources.
  2. Equality – between all people without discrimination of culture, gender or religion, especially assisting disadvantaged women and children.
  3. Relationship – expressing true humanity based on love and justice, freedom and respect, faithfulness and trust.
  4. Partnership – working in fellowship and cooperation at all levels, generously sharing resources to help build capacity in poor communities to work toward better future.
  5. Accountability – with development partners, especially with poor, being honest and transparent, seeking efficiency and effectiveness in implementation of development activities.
  6. Stewardship – doing sustainable development, enhancing social and economic outcomes, while caring for the natural environment, so often required by the poor as an eco-resource base.
  7. Governance – making it participatory and transparent at all levels by ensuring representation from development partners including project participants.
  8. Love and Compassion – which compel to take action to alleviate misery and pain. Love is a Gospel value that is central to the message of Jesus and forms those engaged in the work of Baptist Aid – BBCF to be loving and compassionate.
  9. Solidarity – Baptist Aid–BBCF is committed to solidarity among all people, but particularly with the poor and the vulnerable. Solidarity includes the preserving determination to work for the common good.